The German North Sea coast

The German North Sea coast not only hosts fish, it also offers a nice environment for extraordinary pigeons delivering extraordinary results: Dirk de Beer is now playing team Dirk de Beer & Simone Müller. He’s no stranger to us due to outstanding successes, not just with his own loft. W. […]

The legacy of Karel Schellens: Heinz Meier/Rahden

The entrepreneur Heinz Meier (†) led a big foundry for road and pipe bedding. Starting in his early youth, he was an enthused pigeon breeder; starting 1991, he became fascinated by the Schellens pigeons. On December 15th 1991, 100 racing pigeons of Karel Schellens (†) have been sold at auction. […]

LOUIS VAN LOON: Always worth the investment

Sports fan Louis van Loon departed in 2012. This legend of carrier pigeon sport created a pigeon breed that easily wins competitions all over the world. The breed became particularly famous for being held in top pigeon lofts of, e.g., G. & C. Koopman, Hans Eijerkamp, Günter Prange and many […]

Two Sweeties

To top it all, I indulged my loft manager, SILVERWING and myself with two sweeties. The first one: A KIND OF MAGIC, incest product of couple 1 and couple 2 by Van Loon, Olympic attendant 2011 in Posen/Poland, representing her country Portugal. Unbelievable results against more than 14.000 pigeons by […]

The “Master Breeder” Günter Prange

At first, I would like to direct great gratitude to Josef German. Without his knowledgeable and enthusiastic commitment, these successes would not have been possible in that way. The pigeons, Josef and I – we are one team. We are working together to achieve our objectives. When an objective was […]

2005-2010: 47 pure victories – and further reinforcements coming our way

Dear Sport Fan, Finally, we are ready to lift the (open) secret. Much has happened at SILVERWINGS and I would like to update you on major events. Please lean back and enjoy…. You already know how Janssen, Schellens, Reynaert and others did their racing. Without weakness and despite the change […]