MR. AD is yet another product of the Van Loon line. This outstanding family was reinforced with the KANNIBAAL line of Dirk van Dijck and additionally with the basis from G. & C. Koopman. This extraordinary combination leaves many options regarding further breeding and has proven reliable in practice.

Among others, MR. AD flew:
  • 1st Blois: 358 p.
  • 5th Troyes: 894 p.
  • 6th Lessines: 1.189 p.
  • 6th Pithiviers: 643 p.
  • 11th Lommel: 12.698 p.
  • 11th Duffel: 1.888 p.
  • 12th Troyes: 3.776 p.
  • 15th Zutphen: 13.597 p.
  • 15th Meer: 6.612 p.
  • 23rd Lommel: 21.955 p.
  • 25th Pommeroeul: 3.231 p.
  • 32nd Pommeroeul: 16.938 p.
  • 63rd Gennep: 14.139 p.
  • 64th Hasselt: 16.465 p.
  • 74th Rekkem: 10.666 p.


Hence, MR. AD was a top performer on the national level:

  • 1st ACE Allround/Fed. -2010
  • 1st ACE Long Distance (LD Club/900 members – 2009
  • 2nd Prov. ACE Long Distance – 2009
  • 3rd ACE Overall/Fed. – 2010
  • 4th ACE Long Distance/Fed. – 2010
  • 7th ACE Late Tour/Fed. – 2010
MR. AD bred:

With CHO LEE A.:


This is a pairing both on the line of Jan Keen (029 line Van Loon) and also on the basis of G. & C. Koopman (BEATRIXDOFFER, ZITTER = founding pair). GINO is the father to SPUNKY – who was 14th in the final flight over 550 km in the “One Million Dollar Race” in South Africa. Prior to that, he also reached the 2nd and 18th prizes against more than 2500 pigeons.


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