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Two Sweeties

To top it all, I indulged my loft manager, SILVERWING and myself with two sweeties.

The first one: A KIND OF MAGIC, incest product of couple 1 and couple 2 by Van Loon, Olympic attendant 2011 in Posen/Poland, representing her country Portugal. Unbelievable results against more than 14.000 pigeons by average. In her country, 1st ACE Pigeon of the middle distance range 2010. During the Olympics: category A = short distance. By the way, her full sister represented her country during the Olympics 2007 in Oostende.




Furthermore, I want to mention an original Koopman: BRANCO BOY. For sure, Gerard will be happy if this nice fellow will pass his ancestors qualities on in Aschaffenburg. Anyhow, his father is BRANCO, Olympic attendant in Basel ’97, record-pigeon and the very best breeder of the old line ZITTER, ERIC, ONS LOUIS and some more. His mother is none other than the sister NOBLE BLUE. She’s a daughter of Gerard Koopman’s basic breeding stock pigeon: BEATRIXDOFFER. This will close the circle, because he is a grandfather of RINGLOSE. Incidentally, the mother is GOLDEN LADY, daughter to KANNIBAAL, mother of world-class record pigeon and breeder KLEINE DIRK…




My dear sports fan, it was a great pleasure bringing this news to you. Next year it will be possible for you to choose among these pigeons.

Yours sincerely
Eugen Schnarr