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Silverwings pigeons

Here, you can find a selection of my racing and breeding pigeons. If you select a pigeon, you will get a short overview and some brief information regarding pedigree, performance and strength of inheritance.

Results 2015 – Flight direction SW

2015 brought us 8 victories on 17 prize flights, twice in the RegG.
That makes a total of 75 victories between 2005 and 2015.

Championships in the RegV 451 (301 breeders with 9.911 pigeons on the 1st RegV flight):

8th RV Champion of the Association
7th German Champion of the Association – Elders
5th German Champion of the Association – Yearlings
1st German Champion of the Association – Youngsters
1st ACE Hen
1st Best Hen

Championships in the Ufr. RV Aschaffenburg (32 Breeders):

1st RV Champion of the Association
1st RV Champion – Elders
1st RV Champion – Cocks
2nd RV Champion – Hens
1st RV Champion – Yearlings
1st RV Champion – Youngsters
1st RV Cup Winner
1st EDV Champion
1st Supercup – 20 Pigeons
1st 10 Best Lofts – 10 Pigeons
1st Bronze medal – Elders and Youngsters Tour
Sports watch of the association



Flight 009/2019

Release site: Toul Date: 29/06/2019 Number of fanciers: 28 Number of pigeons: 878 Distance: 275 km Category: Altflug/RV Result: 46/35 prizes Places: 3., 4., 9., 10., 13., 22., 23., 27., 61., 69., 70., 71., 74., 77., 80., 81., 82., 85., 87., 96. ff